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Studying for your GRE, GMAT, or SAT? Stique is bound to give you a break from your Vocab learning. We've developed a fun way to memorize words while you study for your exams. Each video is uniquely created to be both entertaining and instructional. Our software is deliberately humorous so that you can take a break from math and grammar practice sets even as you continue to prepare yourself to ace your exam.


Stique utilizes mnemonic memorization techniques used by memory athletes. We came up with a solution to retain vocabulary words not just in time for the exam, but forever. situating words in contect, our techniques allow you to stretch beyond rote memorization. the words become a part of your everday life. as you live, these memories and words live on with you.

Time Saving

Lose the flash cards! Staying up late while you’re writing and repeating words from your parents dictionary is not how you planned on spending your night studying. Stickman is introducing a time saving way to learn new vocabulary words. With each video lasting 15-25 seconds, you can watch them from the convenience of your desktop computer or your mobile phone.

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Founded in January of 2015 and located in the heart of San Francisco, Stique was created based on the concept of mnemonics to assist in educational memorization retention. Stique engages students and professionals in learning difficult definitions for various tests that incorporate a wide range of vocabulary terms. Stique wants to make the process interesting and appealing to its users by using animated characters and storylines to break down the conceptual meaning of words. Our ultimate goal is to create a massive word bank that contains essential vocabulary terms for any kind of standardized test on the market.

About Us

Keyvan Shayegan

Tehran, Budapest, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco lived. Serial entrepreneur and loves to play with ideas.

Nima Sepehr

Engineering, music, acting & art entuthiastic who loves to break the boundaries of possiblity through technology & innovation.

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